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Scott Cohen is a testifying expert witness, specializing in the swimming pool and construction defect world, with over 17 years of experience in depositions, trials, arbitration hearings, and mediations. Since 2002, he has been a California Contractors State License Board Industry Expert and has been a licensed contractor since 1989.

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Scott Cohen
Multi-trade Licensed Contractor

swimming pool, landscaping, and general contractor

License Number 340258, B (General Building Contractor)
C-53 (Swimming Pool Contractor) and C-27 (Landscaping Contractor)
Case Testimony and Depositions

Scott Cohen has been a construction defect expert witness in 42 cases, 30 depositions, and 5 trials/arbitration hearings and multiple mediation hearings.


As a licensed contractor for over 32 years, Scott Cohen has been conducting industry seminars on construction, design, and construction defects for more than two decades.


A licensed contractor and owner of The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools in Chatsworth, California, Scott Cohen has published 8 books on construction, design, and construction defects.

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About Scott Cohen’s Industry Background

Scott Cohen
Expert Witness Services

Scott Cohen is the owner of The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools, which is based in Chatsworth, California and serves the greater Los Angeles area, offering high-end landscape design and builds.

Scott Cohen started as a licensed landscape contractor getting a Landscape Contractor C-24 license in 1989. He got his General Contractor B license in 1998 and his Swimming Pool Contractor C-53 license in 2000.

Expert Witness Testimonies

Construction Defect Expert Witness Services

Since 2002, Scott Cohen has served as a member of the Industry Expert Program for the California Contractors State Licensing Board by inspecting and analyzing construction projects subject to complaints and by providing expert opinion and testimony about specific complaint items and accepted trade standards.


Scott’s expert witness practice constitutes less than 10% of his professional services with the remaining 90% devoted to his design and construction landscaping and swimming pool business.


Scott Cohen has experience providing expert witness testimony in a courtroom setting for multiple construction defect cases that have gone to trial.


Scott Cohen has given sworn testimony via deposition on over 30 occasions. He provides clear and persuasive expert industry information to help achieve successful outcomes for his clients.


In cases that have gone to arbitration, Scott Cohen has provided clear and convincing testimony for a fair and equitable decision.


Scott Cohen is experienced in the mediation process and his persuasive skills have assisted his clients in obtaining successful resolution of their matters.

Industry Expert Seminars

Presentations by Scott Cohen at Peer Attended Seminars

Having worked in the landscaping and pool building industry for over three decades, Scott Cohen has presented numerous in-depth seminars at gatherings of industry peers.

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Achievements & Awards

Scott Cohen's

Having been in the landscaping and outdoor recreation industry for more than 32 years, Scott Cohen’s reputation as an industry leader precedes him.
Over the years his reach has extended into a variety of different areas.


In addition to his providing expert witness services, his comprehensive industry background has led him to seminar instruction, television appearances, book writing, and has earned him a number of prestigious awards, including:

Best of Houzz

Best of


Hayward Pool of the Year “Sheer Elegance”


Award of Distinction “Raindrops”

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Books by Scott Cohen

Learn More About the Books Authored by Scott Cohen

In his over three decades of experience in the landscaping and pool building space, Scott Cohen has gained a wide range of industry knowledge and experience. As a leader in the outdoor recreation industry, Cohen has translated some of this expertise into book form for others to pick up insider tips.


Cohen’s books cover a variety of subjects including, pool design, backyard design, outdoor fire features, and more. In his book, The Candid Contractor, Common Construction Defects, Cohen recounts the lessons he has picked up in his many years working in the industry and in his time spent as an industry expert witness.

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